Scheduled for Demolition

In 1972 this ancient house with its amazing history was scheduled for demolition. It laid empty, its windows had been broken and its floors had rotted away. Local teenagers would meet inside it while its grounds were used as a builders yard for the surrounding development. Llanthony Secunda Manor had been left unloved and uncared for. It was only a hurried listing of the building which saved it from demolition. Unfortunately situations like this still exist today old buildings are still in danger from development as much as from the elements, funds do not exist to save them all and the costs of doing so increase all the time.

Llanthony was one of the lucky ones, in 1978 the manor was purchased by Mrs. S.M. McLeod. Although I never had the pleasure to meet this lady it is clear that she saved Llanthony. It would not have been long before part of the manor was in danger of collapse if not for her intervention. Her photo album of Llanthony has dome down the owners of the manor to me and it is clear from it just how bad a state Llanthony was in and how much work she must have put into it.

Llanthony in 1973Llanthony in 2009

Photograph on left taken in 1973 from Mrs Mc Leod’s album, on right taken in 2006 BeckyAdorjan’s Personal Album.

Llanthony however either exhausted her or her resources as the work was never fully completed. Without her achievements however the house may not be standing today. If she or her descendents ever read this I would like them to know how thankful I am for her past ownership and work she did to save the manor for all our benefit.