Terms and Conditions Agreement for the Rental or Hire of Llanthony Secunda Manor


Terms and Conditions Agreement for the Rental or Hire of Llanthony Secunda Manor


This document sets out the terms and conditions upon which Becky Adorjan here after referred to as owner/vendor of Llanthony Secunda Manor and/or her agents, caretakers or representatives agree to hire or rent out the above property here after referred to as the manor for short term hire or holiday rental.



This agreement is set out to clarify the vendor’s obligations to you as well as the hirer’s obligations to us. In the very unlikely event of any disputes, we will use this document as a basis for any resolution. Please read it carefully before confirming your booking. All bookings are accepted by the owner and are subject to these conditions, which are deemed to have been accepted in full, by the hirer when they have paid to us a booking deposit.



A contract exists between the vendor and the hirer when the booking deposit has been paid and we have accepted and confirmed your booking. A non-refundable deposit of 25% is required at the time of booking and all deposits are non-refundable. Bookings made within two calendar months or less before hire commencement date must be paid in full at the time booking and will not be refundable. (see cancellation policy) The hirer understands that their booking will be cancelled if payment is not received by the due date of their outstanding balance. The hirer accepts these conditions upon behalf of all members of their party.



All funds owed for rental/hire/extras become due in full 6 weeks before hire. The full balance must be paid 6 weeks prior to your hire date and will be non-refundable. Final payment can be made by bank transfer, cheque, or credit card via Paypal in UK pounds sterling or wire-transferred into UK Pounds. After receipt of final payment directions to the manor will be sent.



We may request security deposits for hen and stag events. We believe that the hirer and their party members, who choose to stay at the manor, will treat it with the utmost respect. While we understand that accidents do happen we also expect the hirer to take full responsibility for any accidents/breakages which may occur by any member of their party. If you fail to do so you will be responsible for meeting any legal costs we incur in recovering full payment from you.



We expect you to arrive at the manor at 4pm on your reservation date unless otherwise arranged with us. If you will be arriving outside this time period we ask you to let us know as someone will be waiting at the property to greet you. It is your responsibility to have your maps and booking information with you.



The number of people staying at the manor must not exceed the bed capacity unless otherwise stated for events other then holiday letting. It is important that the number in the party is confirmed at the time of booking. The hirer must be over 21 years of age and authorized to make the booking on the basis of all our booking conditions. Your accommodation is reserved exclusively for the people named at the time of booking. No other persons whatsoever are permitted to stay there unless this has been agreed with us in writing and appropriate payments made. If any time in our reasonable opinion or the opinion of our representative you or any member of your party behaves in such a way as to cause or be likely to cause danger, upset or distress to any third party or damage to the manor in any way or the reputation and/or goodwill of the owner we are entitled without prior notice, to terminate the occupation of the person/persons concerned. In this situation, the person/persons concerned will be required to leave the property. We will have no further responsibility towards such person/persons. No refunds will be made and we will not pay any expenses or costs incurred as a result of the termination. The owner reserves the right to refuse entry or terminate the hire or refuse to hand over the property to any person who, in the owner’s reasonable opinion is not suitable to take charge. In this case fees will not be refunded and all liability of the owner will cease.



Please note that the property is not an official tourist structure, such as a hotel, residence etc. but an ancient and private dwelling. As such there are no standards or categories that are internationally recognised; the manor therefore reflects the architecture and furnishing of past and present as well as local traditions, and the owner’s personal taste. The manor is also a Listed building and as such is protected by the laws in the United Kingdom. Any person causing damage to a listed building is committing a crime and can be held responsible for any damages done.



All bed linen and towels are provided for the number of guests in the hirer’s party when staying for a holiday letting. In the event that the rental period is for more than one week you can request that we enter in order to change your linen and towels. Also included in the costs of hire is the normal consumption of electricity, water and gas.



The hirer understands the ancient and irreplaceable nature of the manor and agrees to take every reasonable care and precaution of the manor and its contents during the hire period. The hirer shall also ensure that no member of the party engages in any activity in or around the manor that may cause damage to the property in any way. The hirer is also responsible and agrees to not act in any way that would cause disturbance to residents of neighbouring properties. The hirer agrees to not make noise when outdoors and will ensure that there is no noise after 11pm. The hirer agrees to take extra care when lighting barbeques outdoors and understand that no fires can be lit in the fireplaces indoors. The hirer is responsible for leaving the manor and its furnishings in a clean and tidy state at the end of the hire period. The hirer shall be liable to the owner for any loss, costs, expenses or claims arising from any damage caused to the property and/or its contents by either deliberate or accidental act. The hirer agrees to notify the owner or their representative immediately in the event of an emergency.



The owner agrees to provide a clean and well-maintained property. Kitchen items supplied will be of good quality. All towels and bedding will be clean and supplied for accommodation rentals only. We will ensure that all utilities such as gas, electricity, and water are connected.



Due to the age and irreplaceable nature of this property smoking inside the property is not allowed at any time under any circumstances. We do however provide a smokers bucket for cigarette ends outdoors and guests are welcome to smoke outside of the property. There is also no vaping allowed indoors as the smoke alarm system can be set off by this.



The safety of our guests and the manor is our highest priority. The Manor has an L1 fire alarm system installed for our guest’s safety. This is the highest level of alarm system available. There is also emergency lighting in all the corridors, which is on at all times. The kitchen is fitted with a fire extinguisher and there is detailed information in all the bedrooms as to what to do in the event of a fire. The hirer agrees to read this information and ask their guests to also do this upon arriving at the manor.


We regret that fires cannot be lit in the fireplaces by order of the fire inspector. The hirer agrees to not light any type of fire inside the manor, this includes candles and any use of lighters or matches inside the building.


Should the fire alarm sound all guests should meet at the assembly point in the front garden immediately and call 999.



Non-payment of the full balance of booking costs on or before 6 weeks before the commencement of hire, will constitute cancellation of the reservation by the hirer. Any other cancellation made by the hirer must be notified in writing, the effective date of cancellation will be the date it is received by the owner. In the event of cancellation by the hirer more then 2 calendar months before the commencement of hire period only the booking deposit will be lost and no other monies will be owed. Should you need to re-schedule we will transfer your booking provided you give us written notice more then 2 calendar months before the commencement of booking and provided we have availability for your requested dates there is an amendment charge for this service of £50. If you need to cancel less then 2 months from your booking date then we regret that we cannot refund you monies which have been paid. If there is a genuine reason for cancellation your holiday insurance should be able to cover you.


It is possible that circumstances beyond our control may make it necessary to make changes to a booking or to correct errors in the details both before or after your booking has been confirmed. While we always endeavour to avoid cancellations and changes to any booking we must reserve the right to do so. The booking is made with the understanding that the property is available to the hirer on the dates agreed. If for any reason beyond the owner’s control (e.g. fire, storm damage, illness etc.) that affects the availability of the property the owner or her representative will cancel the hirer’s booking and all monies paid to date will be refunded in full without interest, compensation or consequential loss of any kind. This is the limit of the owner’s liability.

The manor is available from 4pm on the date of hire and must be vacated by 10am (local time) on the day of departure, unless otherwise arranged. Vacating after 10am may incur an extra days charges at £700.00 unless prior consent is obtained from the owner. The hirer agrees to vacate the property at the pre-arranged date and time.



The owner will not be liable for any loss or damage suffered by the hirer or any member of the hirer’s party or to their property. The owner is not liable for the temporary defect or stoppage in the supply of public services to the property, nor in respect of the failure of any equipment, machinery or appliances in the property or garden. While the owner has used her best endeavours to ensure accuracy of all information supplied, details of the property are given in good faith, no warranty is given as to their accuracy and she does not accept responsibility or liability for any loss or damage resulting from information given or statements made whether orally or in writing. We accept no responsibility for loss or damage to vehicles or any item left in them while kept on the manor. The owner or her representatives accept no liability whatsoever for death, personal injury, accidents, loss or damage to persons or personal effects, however caused.



In the unlikely event that you have any reason to complain or if you should experience any problems with the manor you must notify us immediately. If a verbal notification is not rectified within 24 hours please put it in writing. We will endeavour to solve any problems that arise however we cannot do that unless we know about them. The owner will do her best to replace or repair any appliance or equipment as soon as possible.



We cannot be held responsible for any loss, damage or inconvenience caused to or suffered by the hirer if the property shall be destroyed or substantially damaged before the start of the rental period. We cannot be held responsible for events that are beyond our control such as wars, floods, and acts of terrorism.



It is the hirer’s responsibility to take out travel and health insurance in order to cover cancellation, damages, and medical costs. We strongly advise you to have in place appropriate insurances for the period of your rental so that in the event of an emergency, should need to cancel your reservation, or seek emergency medical attention you will not have to worry about costs incurred.



Pets are normally allowed at the manor, and there is no limit on how many you bring. Please just let us know if there are pets in your party. It is the guest’s responsibility to clean up after there pets both indoors and out.




Guests must accept responsibility for the safety of their children at all times.



Please note that while we are happy to accommodate where possible and will do our best to make things as convenient as we can the manor is an ancient buildings and does have stairs to access some of the bedrooms as well as bathrooms. This may involve spiral and uneven stairs, as well as stone floors. Therefore we feel that the manor may not be best suited to wheelchair users or guests with severe mobility difficulties. To ensure you get the most suitable accommodation for your needs, please let us know of any special requirements when booking.



The owner/caretaker or her representatives will endeavour to respect the privacy of clients during their stay. However the owner must reserve the right to access the property at any time to inspect/maintain the property. Effort will be made to pay due regard to the privacy of the hirer. However the owner has a legal responsibility to this grade II* listed building to protect and maintain it at all times.



This contract shall be governed by the laws in the United Kingdom in every particular including formation and interpretation and shall be deemed to have been compiled in the United Kingdom. Any proceedings arising out of or in connection with this contract may be brought before any court of competent jurisdiction in the United Kingdom.



If keys are lost a fee of £150.00 will be charged in order to cover the costs of new locks and keys.



Please be aware that no items may be removed from the manor at any time during your stay. We reserve the right to increase or decrease the prices of hire at any time.   The price of your hire will only be confirmed at the time of booking. If you have special requests you must advise us at the time of booking. Although we will attempt to meet any reasonable request we can not guarantee that any request will be met. Failure to meet any special request will not be a breach of contract on our part.


Please note that by accepting a booking confirmation from us and paying a deposit you are agreeing to our terms and conditions set out above.