More Recent Ownership

The manor was sold again by Richard Seyborne’s son John between 1601 and 1603 to Edward Kemeys. It was the Kemey’s family who did a lot of work to the oldest parts of the building. The current spiral stairs and many of the fireplaces and doorframes date to their ownership. Luckily they do not seem to have touched the 15th century wing and today it remains much as it would have looked when it was first built.

There has been some confusion over which Nicholas Kemeys came to inherit Llanthony Secunda Manor and I have not yet sorted out all the Nicholas Kemeys but I do not believe that it was the same Nicholas which garrisoned Chepstow Castle against Cromwell and his forces.

We do know that Mary Kemeys was living at Priory Manor in 1699, she gave the no.5 bell to Caldicot Church. She was also appointed in the will of Catherine Kemeys to be trustee of a charity which provided schooling for the poor children of Caldicot so they could read the bible and write a legible hand.

The land remained in the Kemeys family until the end of the 18th century when it came into the hands of the Wise Family. Henry Wise jr. purchased Priory farm in 1793 and he lived in the manor with his wife Sarah for over 50 years. The wise family were local shipbuilders.

At the time of Henry’s death, he owned over 700 acres of Caldicot. His wife Sarah died in 1851 aged 81 and Henry passed away 5 years later aged 82. He left the priory estate to his niece Mary Ann Bryan who decided to sell the manor. Henry’s executors arranged for the sale of Church Farm which was auctioned at Chepstow on 26th of June 1857 and purchased by the Howard family.

It is sometimes difficult to tell who did what to the manor but by 1881 the O.S. map tells us that Llanthony Secunda Manor had the exact same footprint that it has today. At least some of the building work must have been done by Henry. The L shaped form of the house was enclosed to add a two-story structure to the existing house.

Edmund Howard was born in 1828 the census records of 1881 show him to be widowed and living at Llanthony Secunda with his Daughter Susan aged 23, and sons Edmund, aged 18 and Bennett aged 11 years. Sara Richard is also listed as living at the farm as a servant aged 18 years. Church Farm then was a total of 76 acres and employed three men.

The Howard’s sold to William Morgan in 1941. After the war the house was divided up into flats and then William Morgan sold to the Heavens and eventually in 1970 it was sold to developers.